Soul Sounds Karaoke is here to entertain you!


Yolundi & Antoinette were the" divas" of the night! A wonderful large group of friends and family enjoyed a great night of fun and laughter at the CornerStone watching the girls perform their vocal talents and enthusiastic energy.  Yolundi arose the audience with her ability to do the splits on stage!  We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon ! 


Kicking off the show at the CornerStone Ale House in Butler is Pete with his famous rendition of yes you guessed it "Elvis's"  "I just can't help believing.


Friends supporting each other singing and recording at the Whale ! 

The ever popular "Andrew" serenades Maria's birthday with Robbie William's "Angel". 


 "JAMIE" is a guy with heaps of soul, raw talent and always blows the audience away every time!  He's the talk of the "CornerStone" and if you're there on the right day you might catch him pouring a cold one! We love you Jamie !

Familiar happy faces of our local regulars Mary and Ramai!  Ramai (right) has been coming to the Whale and Ale for years now and sings up a storm each time she enters and exits the stage leaving the crowd whistling and yelling for more ! 

Doing the Haka was fun times at the "Stirling Arms" Hotel ! 

Catch "Kingi" on occasion get the crowd  going as he whips his sunnies on whistling a tune out on the harmonica! 


Jake The Peg (Gordon) done a wonderful impersonation at the Bel Ayre Tavern! 

 At the CornerStone Ale House Jezz(left) has a good song or two to deliver in between a beer shared between the boys !

Kiora to Ari ! Hey this is one real Koool Dude !  A bit of Bob Marley !  Smooothee!

Dale sings her soul out strutting the stage at Malaga Finals !

Yes this is Grant in the sem-finals show behind the mask performing "Music of the Night", Phantom of the Opera, which was followed by Blues Brothers with a whip off the mask and add on a pair of dark sunnies ! Most Entertaining !  

 Kamira performed Pink's "Dear Mr President"  and Whitney Houston popular "Dance with Somebody" songs and showed her greatness in vocal ability!


Christina has her own style of singing which was appealing to listen to as she made the songs her own.  A beautiful angelic voice ! 


Yo the Bro's come down to the CornerStone and sing on their off time from work !   

Mick is a recent adopted Karaoke Junkie... he's come out of the shower and the car and made a big intro onto the stage at the CornerStone...You're a natural! 


Pedro is a "Regae Man" !  Watch the crowd come alive when he sings !   


 A flat tyre at the Cornerstone brought out all the helpers and within the hour, at 1am, with rain spitting, they had my tyre changed and I was on the road again off home.  You guys deserve a medal!  Who needs the R.A.C when you have great guys like these all banding around to pitch in!  Can you guess who they are? Shaun you're a hero m8! 


Paula Parore came and sang up a storm at the Whale!  Paula's a local and is the runner up of Perth Star 2010 which will be on local television!  You're a STAR Paula and thanks for sharing with us your great gifted voice and talent, Go Girl ! Watch for Paula in the X Factor show as she has passed the first stages !


FANCY DRESS NIGHTS  full of fun ! 


 Athena the "Greek Goddess Belly Dancer" at the CornerStone Ale house in Butler brought a lot of laughter and fun as we watched and joined in the Zorba and belly dance moves ! 


 Watch "MEL" knock out her performance of Tina Turner's "Proud Mary" and be stunned! 

Tereza doing the "Suzi Q" impersonation!  Devil Gate Drive !!  (the hair doesn't work!  Lol ! looks more like Bette Midler! )


Ingi and Inga from Norway brighten up the Whale and the CornerStone with their big beautiful smiles and great personalities on the stage ! 

My son Nick when he played with Chris Murphy's band. Family history!  

Barry and Jack croon Dean Martin (hicupp! ) The Good old days at the Bel Ayre Tavern in Belmont !  

 See Scotty come from behind the bar at the CornerStone in Butler and wooo the audience with his John Butler syle and charisma!  Miss the hair Scott! Lol!

 Rick opened the Malaga Grand Final Competition with his kooool  classy style of singing and presentation of  Elvis songs !  A few hippy Elvis moves went off Rick !

Sharon was our "Diva" of the evening at Malaga Finals  choosing songs from Whitney Houston and Gloria Gaynor !  woohhh!

 Grant showed us a few different characters during the competition


Monica is an amazingly creative talented person with a wonderfull array of personally hand crafted costumes !  The Malaga finals seen Monica perform Abba and Stevie Nicks with Grace & Style ! Visually stunning and entertaining with power vocals !  Thank you to all the work you put in Monica ! 

Gorgeous Mel's Friends and Family always cheer singers and have a good time! 


Mel looks and sound like an ANGEL when she sings  ;-)  

Boys having a good time !

The boys are having a good time singing together a popular tune !  

The Whale and Ale Rocks it up with excitement of the awesome singers ! 

Clay and Paula stir up the crowd with their amazing talent ! 

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