Soul Sounds Karaoke Entertainment

        Elvis Presley (Robert) makes a grand entrance and exit ! 


 Friends having a good time sharing a favourite song !

      Lovely Linda lights up the room with her infectious smile & AC/DC style! 

       It's party time at the Whale and Ale again !  woohhh let's gooo!!! 

 J.J.  was our Santa and gave out the Christmas toffees !

           The Fabulous Jamie on new years eve as Slash !  Isn't he gorgeous!


Character makes for an interesting  and entertaining competition!

Ryan gives it his all at the Semi-Finals and blows everyone away! 


 Peter.K.  does his Elvis & Engelbert songs like a real crooner!

Dressing up and entertaining the family and friends was fun! 


Ryan and Chris rock it up at the Malaga Markets with Bon Jovi!

"Lady Jo" comes to visit and sing us a song with her captivating voice! 

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