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About me


Tereza is a diverse vocalist with raunchy powerhouse vocals known for her  TINA TURNER  shows  having performed at the Perth Ellington Jazz Club  and  made special guest appearances with the  PERTH COLD CHISEL TRIBUTE  BAND shows.  

TEREZA sings genres blues, rock, soul, jazz and pop songs.  Her repertoire consists of artists such as Tina Turner,  Etta James , Cher, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, and many more a like!

 Tereza also sings in duo's, solo and bands.  Perth  Blues Band "STEELY BLUES"  and  her current duo "SPICY SOUL".  

In the past karaoke came to television with Tereza presenting performers from karaoke shows onto the Access 31 station in a regular and  bold display of local Perth talent!   Tereza has also appeared in radio commercials for venues. 

Karaoke is very popular in and around Perth hotels and brought much joy to many.  Tereza has worked in many of Perth's venues. 

 Tereza has been hosting shows in Perth for over 20 years and has gained the experience to organize, compere and facilitate large competitions, which become entertaining high standard shows, attracting large audiences.  The comments  of the competitions have been compared to television shows  such as The Voice and X Factor and  compared to a concert  rather than a karaoke!   A great history. Tereza says..... 

 "I love running karaoke shows because it gives people a buzz to get up in front of an audience and sing.  I feel proud to be part of that process which allows a person to bare their soul on a stage and feel what it is like.  The experience is therefore not only reserved for the rock stars and many talented singers in bands etc. You don't have to be brilliant to sing on stage just have the passion and want to share it.  In saying that I have had singers at my show that are better than a lot of band singers!   And in saying that, I have had a lot of professional singers perform at my shows as well!  Everybody is welcome on the stage no matter what level of singing you are at.  What makes for an interesting and entertaining evening is the variety of talent we can have on one evening alone and how it differs from week to week and night to night.  To me it is like one big friendly jam session, especially when we have the regular singers and spectators becoming friendly and this creates a warm welcoming place to visit. 

People meet at karaoke and make friends and sometimes marry, I've seen it all !  There is a great network of singers that meet at different venues around Perth and it really is a Karaoke Club !  The support between people I have seen can be awesome for example when a person has a personal loss, a death in the family, everyone gathers around and sings songs and helps to heal their pain.  And this is the therapeutic side to karaoke that not all people are aware that it brings. 

Birthday celebrations can become memorable evenings where friends cheer each other on and sing in groups on the stage and out on the dance floor, while arm in arm.  These are the special nights I get to witness, the very positive side to karaoke.  There is a very almost primal feeling to being part of a group of people singing in celebration together whether it be a sad or happy event. 

My name "Soul Sounds" was created out of the thought that each person unique and individual as they are, had a sound from their soul to express !  Thus, "Soul Sounds". 

I want to thank everybody who has ever attended a show, be it mine or other, for creating a great social scene of fun and song. Thank you to all the special people who have worked with me over the years.  It has been a very real and personally challenging experience for me and I wouldn't change a thing!

Cheers, keep on singing,

Tereza xox



In memory of my two beautiful soul friends whom I was blessed to have the company of for many years.  David (right) and Craig have both passed on and are sadly missed but the fun memories will always live on in my heart and all those who had the joy to know them.   David was my Roadie for a short while. Working in the "Disabilities" organizations gave me much reward and fulfillment and we shared the fun of  music.

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